Press Releases

11 April 2017 [Chevy Chase, Maryland] —

SSI Indexes LLC has licensed its SSI Impact Index to SerenityShares Investments LLC to serve as the underlying index for the SerenityShares Impact ETF (ticker: ICAN). Listed on the NYSE Arca, it will begin trading on 13 April 2017.

The SSI Impact Index is a modified market capitalization weighted index that includes companies whose products and services target twenty societal, social, and environmental challenges–from renewable energy and recycling to elder care and clean water.

A more detailed explanation about the fund methodology can be found by visiting the Methodology page or by reviewing the information on the Impact home page under Analysis/Understanding Impact Themes.

For additional information, including the fund prospectus and related disclosures, please contact SerenityShares directly or visit their website:

1 February 2017 [Chevy Chase, Maryland] — 

SerenityShares announced the launch of the SSI Impact Index (NYSE: ICANNDX), a modified market capitalization weighted index which includes companies whose products and services target societal, social, and environmental challenges. 

Rebalanced quarterly in March, June, September, and December, each September the Index manager reviews the universe of all stocks listed on the NYSE, and NASDAQ and identifies firms which meet a series of technical screens related to market cap, price and liquidity, and operate in one of twenty themes such as environmental stewardship, renewable energy, community building, eldercare, and local access to healthcare. Companies involved with tobacco, fossil fuel exploration, and offensive weapons are specifically excluded.